Elisabetta Martignetti is a contemporary Pop Surrealist artist and illustrator, painting and living in Italy.

Her work is mainly inspired by fairy tales, literature, comics and manga, cartoons and anime, magic and nature. All the Pop Culture became her inspiration to build her own narrative.  Her style has been described as “girly nostalgic punk”, she thinks that is all about the cultural elaboration of the elements of the pop culture she grews up with.
The themes of her artworks are about the passage between childhood and adulthood in a society where kids are marketing targets and where the adolescence is stretching. Her characters investigate the position of women and human relationships in the modern western society with a playful and childish style.  The most essential for her is to represent our world with irony, trying to create a surreal mix with an hard visual impact and strong colors. Through the symbolism she wants to create freakish and  macabre images that at the same time appear as poetic vision.

Elisabetta works with acrylic paint on canvas, wood and masonite.


2021- Collective Exhibition “Women in Art” –  – Laguna Beach CA – Las Laguna Gallery

2019- Collective Exhibition “Don’t Follow the Little Girl” – 1st June – 1st August – Bayonne NJ – DollHaus II

2018 – Collective Exhibition “Coaster Show 2018” – 30th September – 30th October – Pasadena CA  – Gallery 30 South

2018 – Collective Exhibition ” 100 Postcards for Foxes” – 7th September – Eugene Oregon – Alexi Era Gallery

2018 – Collective Exhibition “Uprising – The Art of Subculture” – 4th August – 15 th September -Orangeburg NY – Volition Gallery

2018 – Collective Exhibition “Bad Art Exhibition” – 20th May – 5th July – Oslo N – Blank Space Gallery

2018 – January featured artist for ArtWarming Cards –  Brooklyn, NY 

2017 – Collective exhibition “Burtonesque – 2nd Annual Tim Burton  Tribute Art Show” – 30th September – 14 th October – Houston TX – East End Studio Gallery 

2017 – Collective exhibition “Coaster Show 2017” 1st September- 1st October -Los Angeles CA –  La Luz De Jesus Gallery 

2017 – Collective exhibition “Sketchbook West” 6th  – 29th April – Laguna Beach CA U.S. – Las laguna Gallery 

2017 – Collective exhibition “Animalia” 2nd  – 17th March-  New York –   Local project Art Space 

2017 – Collective exhibition “Creatures Real and Imagined” 3rd February – 1st April – Berkeley,  CA U.S. – uBe Art Gallery

2016 –  Collective exhibition “International Small Works” 17th November – 19th December – Clinton, New York U.S. – Kirkland Art Center

2016 – Collective exhibition “Crazy Reality – Tim Burton Tribute Show” 7th – 22nd  october – Houston, Texas U.S. – East End Studio Gallery

2016 –  Collective exhibition “La tela e l’anima” 2nd-16th of april – Roma, Italy –  Coronari111 Art Gallery

2016Collective exhibition “Ars Amandi” 13th-14th of february – Benevento, Italy – Maison En Fleur

2015Solo exhibition “Pop portraits” 19th dec. 2015 – 6th jan. 2016 – Benevento, Italy – Wapo

2015Solo exhibition “Family Portrait” 5th – 29 of september  – Pescara , Italy– Theurbanbox  Gallery

2013Solo exhibition – Benevento, Italy – Biblioteca Provinciale Città di Benevento under the patronage of Provincia di Benevento

2012Collective exhibition – Premio Letizia Cerio,  Capri, Italy- Centro Culturale Ignazio Cerio

2011Collective exhibition “Ab Ovo” –Napoli, Italy – Castel Dell’Ovo., edited by Accademia della Bussola 2010

2011Personal exhibition “Visionaria” – Benevento, Italy –  “Frittole”

2011Collective exhibition “Premio De Chirico”- Roma, Italy – Galleria “Studio Arte Quattro”.

2011Collective exhibition –Torino, Italy- Galleria “Arte città amica”.



Deviantly Surreal Art Magazine Issue 4 – September 2018

Pikchure Magazine Issue 3 – November 2018

Masque and Spectacle March Issue  2019

Pikchure Magazine Issue 4- March 2019

Chaotic Merge Mgazine Issue 2 – June 2021



La Luz de Jesus presents The 5th Annual “Coaster Show”