Don’t Follow the Little Girl – DollHaus II

LOVE HER OR HATE HER HIGH ART OR LOW LOW ART CVLT LEADER OR DARK WEB DEMON FEMALE MONARCH OR CULTURE COURTASAN JOIN HER OR DENOUNCE ALL THAT IS POPPY WORSHIP AT THE CHVRCH OF POPPY INSTAGRAM: @DOLLHAUS2     Over 40 artists are featured in this Dollhaus II group art show from all over the world, a two month exhibition during June and July 2019 with more art work added throughout creating a constant growth of new contemporary and up and coming surreal and beautiful concepts.    MARINA M, THE PAINT SPLATTERER, NVRMNDUS, DOT SZEMIOT, ARTUR ARBIT, MAIDENFED,GEOFF MOSHER, TIBBIE X, EDYTA RUDNIK, PAUL …

January featured Artist for Artwarming Cards

A new contemporary artist every month; a nutritious, creative injection to your soul. Powerful, moving artwork, delivered to your doorstop. Two gorgeous, 5” X 7 ” matte finish, correspondence cards of a the monthly artist’s image. With two envelopes and stamps, for your convenience and pleasure With artistic words of insight from the artist themselves And an exclusive background story to their lives

” Burtonesque” 2nd Annual Tim Burton Tribute Art Show

Burtonesque (Adj): A general feeling of mystical and somewhat dark wonderfulness.; used to describe people, objects, actions or a kind of atmosphere/tone, which bare a resemblance in nature style to the films/art of director Tim Burton. Please join us for our 2nd annual Tim Burton tribute group show! This year we wanted to share our love for all things Tim by taking it on the road! We will begin our artventure hosting the opening run with our local sister gallery Hardy & Nance Septemburton 30th – Octoburton 14th! We are currently working on venues in Other Texas cities, and will …

Coaster Show 2017 at La Luz De Jesus Gallery

The 5th Annual Coaster Show & Harold Fox “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” September 1 – October 1, 2017 Opening Reception: Friday, Sept. 1st, 8-11 PM Closing Party: Sunday, Oct. 1st noon-six PM La Luz de Jesus presents The 5th Annual “Coaster Show”

Sketchbook West at Las Laguna Gallery

Sketchbook West Artist Reception: April 6 from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm Exhibition runs: April 6 to April 29, 2017 Guest Artist: Kymberly Bednar Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to present our Sketchbook West Challenge. In order to understand and appreciate the arduous process of making art, Las Laguna Gallery has invited artists to take part in the Sketchbook West Challenge. For this exhibition, artists purchased Sketchbooks and began the process of drawing, sketching, and painting into a Sketchbook. For many this task took many weeks and months. The end result is a unique exhibition where guests are invited to put on white …


LOCAL PROJECT ART SPACE – 11-27 44th RD LIC NYC 2th-18th of March We are really excited to open our gallery season with ANIMALIA, a group exhibition that will bring the whole Kingdom together. Curated by Julian Calderon AdAddison Xu, Adrian Bermeo, Anastasiya Gutnik, Anki King, Anna Rindos, Azure Bourne, Bogey Szabo, Boo Lynn Walsh, Brian T. Silak, Britannie Bond, Carol Radsprecher, Charlotte Woolf, Che Min Hsiao, City Kitty, Claire Breidenbach, Cristina Ferrigno, Damian Rivera, David Rivera, Davis Thompson-Moss, Domingo M. Carrasco, Dominic Quintana, Efrat Baler-Moses, Eileen Coyne, Elaine Norman, Elisabetta Martignetti, Elizabeth Albert, Ella Veres, Erica Roe, Evan Mahl, …

Creatures real and imagined

Creatures: real and imagined II Exhibition Dates: February 3 – April 1, 2017 Opening Reception: Friday February 3, 6-9PM Join us for great art from 34 artists across the country:​ Creatures Real and Imagined explores the ways in which animals and creatures, both real and imagined have been a presence in the visual art as metaphors, objects of fantasy and fear, sources of emotional attachment and connection to the physical and non-physical realms. ​ Featured Artists: Denise Tarantino, Laura Castellanos, Tali Grinshpan, Janeane Sanborn, Karen Bondarchuk, Luke Schutzman, Lindsey Heiden, Jocelyn Young, Kathryn Reichert, Jaime Stagg, Dale Lerner, Lena  Thomas, Teresa Meier, …

International Small Works

The Kirkland Art Center Gallery presents International Small Works Exhibition November 17th – December 19th Opening Reception: November 20th 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Tim Burton Tribute Show “Crazy Reality”

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” – Tim Burton  Il genio di Tim Burton ha influenzato l’immaginario collettivo per decenni, facendoci credere che la magia è intorno a noi, ed a portata di mano. La mostra si terrà presso la EAST END STUDIO GALLERY a HOUSTON, TEXAS U.S.  Opening night reception: October 7th 7pm -11pm Closing reception: October 22nd 7pm – 11pm  Art Curator: Blue One Thirty

La tela e l’anima

Mostra collettiva presso la prestigiosa GalleriaCoronari111 sita in Roma alla via Dei Coronari. Opening sabato 2 Aprile in esposizione fino al 16 Aprile 2016.