” Burtonesque” 2nd Annual Tim Burton Tribute Art Show

Burtonesque (Adj): A general feeling of mystical and somewhat dark wonderfulness.;
used to describe people, objects, actions or a kind of atmosphere/tone, which bare a resemblance in nature style to the films/art of director Tim Burton.

Please join us for our 2nd annual Tim Burton tribute group show!

This year we wanted to share our love for all things Tim by taking it on the road! We will begin our artventure hosting the opening run with our local sister gallery Hardy & Nance Septemburton 30th – Octoburton 14th!

We are currently working on venues in Other Texas cities, and will announce the locations, dates and times as they become available!

Art Curator: Blue One Thirty
Co-Curator: Cynthia Vela
Flyer illustration by: Rooster Pop